My main interests as a traveller are twofold. First there are the more elemental experiences: hiking, cycling, sleeping rough in the woods and so on. I claim to be the only person, in company with the designer of this website, to have canoed the upper reaches of the Yorkshire Derwent - and if you feel like trying it, my advice is: take a spade. It’ll help you cut a route through the undergrowth.

Further afield, I have a lifelong interest in the American West.
I have lived in and written about New Mexico, and travelled widely on the Great Plains. In 1994 I borrowed a bicycle in Lincoln, Nebraska and cycled 630 miles across the state in a September heatwave. In 2001 I crossed the Plains from south to north, following the 100th Meridian from the Mexican border to the Canadian line. In 2004 I travelled the entire Lewis & Clark Trail from St Louis to the Pacific shore. In 2007 I explored the wilds of Nevada, and spent time with the intrepid cowboys (and gals) on the Senior Pro Rodeo circuit. In 2011 I spent six months alone on a Nebraska cattle-ranch, and am currently completing a 90,000-word narrative account of my time there.

I have written travel pieces for a number of newspapers: The Independent, Times, Sunday Times, Guardian, and Yorkshire Post.

My work has also appeared in the Times Higher, Country Walking, Bike Culture and Traveller. A few years ago I wrote regularly for American Cowboy. In recent years I have stopped selling this kind of work. It takes too much time, and pays poorly. I prefer to blog.

To get a taste of my style, try downloading these samples:

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