I hardly do any broadcast media work these days, but I still carry with me some valuable lessons learned in the field. My main task was to compose voice-over commentaries for TV documentaries. They included Holiday Reps, Superstore, Zoo Keepers, Life of Grime, War and Piste and Surviving the Iron Age; the series on adoption, Love Is Not Enough ... and the children's series Trading Places, plus ITV's Trauma Team.

In 2005 I wrote for BBC2’s sensitive and at times shocking six-part series on the Child Protection Agency, Someone to Watch Over Me, for which the director, Sarah Johnson, picked up the Documentary of the Year award.
My ventures into drama have been as rare as my ventures into fiction: half a dozen episodes of Emmerdale and a Radio 4 play, about the man who wrote The Virginian, called The Cowboy and The Tenderfoot, which aired in 2000.
Perhaps the best-known, however, was Vets In Practice. I wrote for all ten series. The voice-over artists who read my scripts included Richard Wilson, John Peel, Nick Hancock and Christopher Timothy. The skill came in squeezing specific information into tight spaces, at three syllables a second - without
ever using the word "meanwhile". (Oh, and a dash of humour, please!) Easy enough - once you've
persuaded the directors to stop sending films at 9 a.m. and wanting them back by teatime!