I have published work in a variety of forms over the past twenty-five years or so. In the early days I sold feature articles, book reviews, travel stories and the occasional interview to most of the broadsheet papers in the U.K., from the Yorkshire Post to the Guardian, Telegraph and Sunday Times.

For a time I wrote for the Times Higher Education Supplement and was encouraged to think I had a foot in the door. However, when the features editor there wrote and told me that he’d
In the late 1980s and early `90s I published a handful of short stories in literary journals like Critical Quarterly and the late Bete Noire. I still recall the thrill of receiving my first payment, for a story I sold to an arts mag in Lincolnshire. I wanted to frame the cheque - but needed to bank it. It was made out for £9.00.

I was also featured in one or two anthologies. I probably had a higher success rate with my short fiction than I realised at the time, but my goodness it was hard work
had his knuckles rapped for using certain freelancers - namely me - too often. I had to look elsewhere.

Since writing a series of travel pieces for American Cowboy in 2005-06 I’ve more or less given up trying to sell that kind of writing. It’s simply too hard attracting the editor’s attention. I now write the shorter pieces for my blog.
shifting it. One story, "Sky City",
took seven years to sell - for £200.

Most of my published work since the mid-90s has been in book form, and all of it has been non-fiction. You can read about the various categories by clicking on the links at the top of this page.
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